The Maltese Centre of Help for Disabled Children and Their Families will be opened in Kraków on ul. Kasztanowa 4a, on land which The Polish Association
of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta received from the City Borough of Kraków.
The Help Centre will be a day care centre with
a kindergarten, providing early and highly specialised
help for children with developmental disorders.
It will look after children of up to seven years of age with the following problems: multi-system immaturity related to premature birth, disorders of the central nervous system, delayed reflex development, abnormal development due to genetic faults, sense disorders,
and slow development of speech and language.
The Centre will also provide support for families
of sick children.
Thanks to the charity of the Donors, construction
began in September 2004, and the opening
of the Centre is planned for the beginning of 2006.